MEV Calendar

Mill End Voices loosely follows the school term, usually meeting on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Unless otherwise stated, all dates are for rehearsals at the High Wycombe Music Centre, running from 2.30 PM until 5 PM.

9th June 2019Performance: Piddington Choir Festival
22nd-23rd June 2019All WeekendEvent: Choir Workshop at Lane End Conference Centre
7th July 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB first Sunday)
14th July 201914:00Performance: Great Missenden Cream Teas
8th September 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal
22nd September 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
13th October 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal
10th November 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal
24th November 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
8th December 201914:30-17:00Rehearsal
12th January 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
26th January 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
9th February 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
7th March 2020Beaconsfield festival of choirs (TBC)
8th March 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
22nd March 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
27th March 2020Performance: HWMC Senior Concert (TBC)
26th April 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
10th May 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
14th June 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
28th June 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal (NB fourth Sunday)
12th July 202014:30-17:00Rehearsal
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